869288-09-5 MIL-101(CR)

CAS No.: 869288-09-5
Formula: C24H16Cr3FO15
Molecular Weight: 735.361
Purity: Above 97%
Package: 1g/5g/100g
Delivery: DHL/FEDEX/UPS or By sea



Ligand: CAS: 100-21-0; Cr

Specification of CAS: 137071-78-4 3,6-dichlorobenzene-1,2,4-tricarboxylic acid

Product NameMIL-101(Cr)
density 0.58 g/cm3

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Comparative Study of Hydrogen Sulfide Adsorption in the MIL-53(Al, Cr, Fe), MIL-47(V), MIL-100(Cr), and MIL-101(Cr) Metal−Organic Frameworks at Room Temperature

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Metal–organic framework MIL-101 (Cr) for high-performance liquid chromatographic separation of substituted aromatics

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Synthesis and adsorption performance of MIL-101 (Cr)/graphite oxide composites with high capacities of n-hexane

X Sun, Q Xia, Z Zhao, Y Li, Z Li – Chemical engineering journal, 2014 – Elsevier

Amine-functionalized MIL-101 (Cr) with imbedded platinum nanoparticles as a durable photocatalyst for hydrogen production from water

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