CAS 112-73-2 Bis(2-butoxyethyl)ether



Synonyms:Butane, 1,1‘-[oxybis(2,1-ethanediyloxy)]bis-;



Diethylene glycol dibutyl ether;

Bis(2-butoxyethyl) ether;

Dibutyl Carbitol;

2-Butoxyethyl ether;


Molecular Formula: C12H26O3

Molecular Weight:218.33

Melting Point:-60 °C

Boiling Point:256 °C

Flash Point:101ºC

Density:0.885 g/mL

Appearance: Colorless Liquid


Stability:Stable under normal temperatures and pressures.

Water solubility:0.3 g/100 mL (20 ºC)

Usage:Mainly used in Medicine industry as a slovent

Storage condition:Store in a cool, dry place. Store in a tightly closed container. Keep under a nitrogen blanket. Corrosives area.

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CAS 112-73-2 Bis(2-butoxyethyl)ether

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