CAS 5117-12-4 | Acryloyl morpholine (ACMO)

Synonyms: N-Acryloylmorpholine; 4-Acryloylmorpholine
Molecular Formula: C7H11NO2
Molecular Weight: 141.17
EINECS: 418-140-1
Packing: 25 kg HDPE Drums / 200 kg HDPE Drums
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Acryloyl morpholine is a monofunctional monomer with excellent performance, it is suitable for photocuring reaction and is widely used in products of unsaturated systems such as UV Coatings, UV Inks, and UV Adhesives.

Features of CAS 5117-12-4 Acryloyl morpholine

● Low irritation to skins, miscible with water, can be used in water-based UV system.

● The reaction speed is faster than that of common monofunctional monomers, and the reaction speedis comparable to that of multifunctional monomers.

● It has a certain hardness, and the flexibility of the monomer is excellent. Within the appropriate addition ratio, the product has both hardness and toughness.

● Good heat resistance, low viscosity, good compatibility with resins, good dispersibility for pigments, low curing shrinkage rate, good adhesion, etc.


Colorless or Light yellow transparent liquid
Molecular Weight
Viscosity at 25℃10~15 cps
1.122 g/mL
Boiling Point158℃(50mmHg)
Tg145 ℃
Refractive index1.508
Surface Tension(dyne/cm)44.6 mN/m(20℃)

Applications of CAS 5117-12-4 Acryloyl morpholine

UV inkjet inks, 3D printing materialsLow viscosity, compatibility, dispersibility, strong adhesion, water solubility, high curing speed, etc.
UV screen printing inkCompatibility, high dispersibility, low viscosity, high curing speed, low odor, etc.
Good adhesion to different materials, excellent optical properties, etc.
UV Coatings
Strong adhesion to the substrate, high wear resistance, heat resistance, flexibility and hardness
Oil field drillingHigh temperature and high salt resistance, hydrolysis resistance, etc.
Pharma GelGood adhesion, low irritation, good air permeability, good moisturizing performance, etc.

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