CAS 63148-57-2 | Poly(methylhydrosiloxane)

Molecular Formula: C7H22O2Si3
Molecular Weight: 222.5
EINECS: 613-152-3
Purity: 97% Min.
Package: 200 kg drums
Worldwide Delivery
Made in China



Under the action of metal salt catalysts, it can be cross-linked at low temperature to form a film, which can form a waterproof film with good hydrophobic effect, large contact angle and durability on the surface of various substrates. It has good anti-stick properties and is widely used as rubber and Release agents for the plastics industry, release agents for paper and packaging materials.

Used to treat fabrics, it can not only improve its tear strength, abrasion resistance, wrinkle resistance and stain resistance, but also improve its waterproof, ironing resistance and sewing properties, and can not affect the original breathability of the fabric. The optical glass coated with this product not only has high light transmittance, but also has excellent anti-mildew and moisture-proof properties, and can also be used as a metal rust inhibitor.

Specification of CAS 63148-57-2 | Poly(methylhydrosiloxane)




Colorless transparent liquid



Acid Value (By HCL)

≤5 ppm



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